April 16, 2015

Digital Marketing In Pune

Digital Marketing :-

                Alan Turning a British Mathematician, Computer scientist, logician and cryptanalyst. He is the one who have set up an Enigma machine. It is a machine which can break cipher text into plain text. Well, the reason I have introduced about Alan Turning and his Enigma machine because he is the one who have build the first digital machine. After Enigma digital computer had evolved.

Now everyone is living the digital world. In this world, were discoveries occur to reduce the human efforts. As this article is about digital marketing, let us know what exactly digital Marketing is.

What Is Digital Marketing :-

In a simple term, digital marketing is promotion of your product or brand through electronic devices such as Television, Radio Channel and Mobile Messaging. Whereas on other side the rise in demand and popularity of internet within the world the internet plays an important role in digital market. Internet is a way which associates very close to digital marketing. Instant messaging, mobile applications website advertisement are the part Internet digital marketing.

Digital Marketing in Pune

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Digital Marketing In Pune
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