Bulk DA/PA Checker

DA: DA stands for Domain Authority which will prove whether specific website is Trustable or not? Basically domain authority is given by SEOmoz. It similar and as important as Page Rank or Alexa Rank of website. It measured in 1 to 100 scale, the more you score your site will rank better in Search Engines.
PA: PA stands for Page Authority assigned by SEOmoz which will predicts how specific page in ranking in Search engines it depends on page index and link count and some others factors.
Page Rank: Page Rank is ranks of websites in their search results. It is assigned by Google, Basically Page Rank counted by number of quality links on websites and other some factors. It measured in 1 to 10 PR.
Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank nothing but the ranks given to popularity of websites by Alexa Internet, Inc. 
IP Address: IP stands for internet protocol it is logical address of websites.

How to check DA, PA, Alexa, PageRank, IP Address?

To check visit www.pashium.com/bulk-da-checker Then enter the url/urls in given text field. While entering url write url and press enter then add second url do same process until last url after that press Check Result Here button and wait for some seconds result will come on screen good luck!

Bulk DA Checker – Domain Authority Checker Tool

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